What to Buy – Cat Edition

When choosing the best products for our cats, what factors come to mind: price, quality, size…?  To help you choose, I’ve created a handy little list to give a few options to consider when choosing the best products for you and your cat. 


  • $5 – $8

Not a fan of letting your cat (and carpet) get covered in tiny little bits that are a pain in the ass to clean up?  Try ‘YEOWWW!’ catnip treats.  They are available at most natural pet shops. 

“We use nothing but our own Yeowww! 100% organically grown catnip in our toys. No fillers or toy grade catnip.” (YEOWWW!)

“It’s also made with a durable cotton twill fabric and uses only soy and/or vegetable based dyes that are natural and non-toxic.” (Amazon)

Spoiler alert – This product selection will most definitely be changing in the new future. HINT HINT!


  • $2 – $4

With the exception of the freeze dried, straight from the farm, chicken or fish bits, Blue Wilderness has proven itself time and time again.  The main difference between the Blue Wilderness and the Blue Buffalo brand is the grains, or lack thereof in Blue Wilderness’ case.  Not only does this brand only use the ‘finest natural ingredients’, but they have a wide variety of product types.  This brand is great for cats and dogs alike.


  • $19.99 for 26 lbs

Notice a trend already?  The Blue brand is the best… for us, specifically.  When I find a brand I can trust, I tend to use them over anything else.  This product is made from sustainably sourced walnut shells, which are biodegradable and almost completely dust free, which is really important for some cats with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.

I know a lot of lists name ‘The Worlds Best Cat Litter’ as the “best cat litter”, but that is up for debate.  It is made up of corn product so it can attract bugs and is susceptible to mold in damp climates.  Yuck!


Dry Food

  • $34.99 for 12 lbs

Here we go again!  Blue Wilderness is 100% grain free, as explained above, as well as having no ‘poultry’ meals, corn, soy, or artificial preservatives.  This food also includes something called ‘LifeSource Bits’ that “are a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals selected by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists…” (Blue)  While this brand may not work for you, remember to chose a brand free from excessive fillers.  Cats and carbs do not mix.

Wet Food

  • $18 – $23 for 12/2.8 oz cans

We have a tried a LOT of wet food for our cat Dahlia.  She is a very picky princess.  When Tiki Cat first came out I loved the packaging, but I thought it was just another cheap, flashy cat food brand.  It was only after we had tried all of the other decently well known natural brands out there, did we try this.  Success!  She loved it!  She also seems to know as soon as we bring it into the house.  She goes nuts!

Tiki Pets use all natural ingredients, are grain free, and use more moisture so cats can get the ‘supplemental water‘ they need.  They have so many products ranging from food to treats.  One of the best things about this company is that their wet food accommodates ‘texture aversions’ in cats.  One of the main reasons Dahlia is so picky is because she needs her chunks to be just the right size of chunk, preferably swimming in a gravy.  They have it all.


These products are the result of a basic search for things like grain free, toxicity, etc.  Figure out what works for you and your pet, but always remember, safety first!

Lots of love!
Kayla & the VB team

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