About us!

Hi and welcome to Verbena Boutique.

Let me tell you a bit about me and my story behind Verbena Boutique so you can get to know my concept as well as I do. Let's start simple, my name is Aileene Pérez, I'm currently living in my native Puerto Rico, which gives me the inspiration to continue spicing things up with color and tropical flavor. Coming from a previous lifestyle in New York City with the inside scoop in the fashion industry, I was influenced into many fashion statements that promoted this idea of my own clothing line, from colors of the seasons to even the styles design in the local boutiques. Now, I find myself in a beautiful place as a mother of one, with more time in my hands to develop this new Brand called “Verbena Boutique” and share it to the world.

At Verbena Boutique our focus will always be to keep styles versatile and trendy, as well to allow for street-style that are easy to incorporate and compliment with what you may already have in your closet. It is in my near future plans to expand to launching our accessories and jewelry pieces. 

I look forward to this new opportunity to fulfill my dream of having a selection of clothes and accessories for the modern women of today. Stay tuned for the upcoming news!

Best regards,

Aileene Perez
Founder of Verbena Boutique

You may reach me with any questions at